Top Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures are something that many pool and patio owners desire. Installing a patio enclosure offers so many benefits. You can opt for a do it yourself installation or you can hire a professional.


You will be surprised at the options available to you when it comes to patio enclosures, styles, colors, offerings, and prices.

Enclosures Patio Benefits

When you choose to have one of many enclosure patio installations or if you opt to enclose your patio yourself, you will derive many benefits.  First, enclosures patio installations ensure that you can keep your patio and your pool protected at all times.  These enclosures often lock and you can therefore keep the area safe; children will not be able to access your pool or patio in a locked or enclosed area.  What’s more, the enclosure keeps dirt, debris, and the elements from ruining your pool or patio.

Enclosures patio offerings also come with special glass work (if you opt for glass) that allows you to keep UVs out while letting sunlight in to the covered area.  Some enclosures have retractable roofs so you can enjoy the open air whenever you desire.  Enclosures patio offerings add a visual appeal to your home, increase the value of your home, and they are a wonderful place for gatherings too.   You can actually extend the amount of living space you have when you decide to install an enclosure yourself or have one professionally installed. There are many companies that are experienced in installing enclosures patio offerings.  You can have someone do all the work for you, or if you desire, you can make the enclosure a do it yourself project that you can complete on your own and with the help of a few friends.

You will find that there are do it yourself pool enclosure kits that you can order that are very affordable.  There are fantastic kits that can be customized to your needs; the kits are made with the finest woods and metals and include everything you need to build a gorgeous enclosure around your pool and patio.

Websites Selling the Best Enclosure Patios

Buchanan Screen, Rails, and Windows

Buchanan Screen, Rails, and Windows is a company located on 1060 Holland Drive in Lake Pointe Centre, Boca Raton in Florida.  The company installs rails, screens, and windows that are durable, long lasting, beautiful and safe.  They offer customized enclosure patio installations.  They also offer re-screening services, repairs, and super gutter installations.  This company has been in business since 1977.  They professional install pool patio enclosures, patio screen enclosures, porch screen enclosures, yard fences, entry gates, hand rails, and balcony rails.  For full details visit:

CSS Enclosures

CSS Enclosures offers residential and commercial services on a nationwide level.  The company has forty years of experience in engineering, fabricating, designing and installing prefabricated modular structures.  Their materials are low maintenance and non corrosive.  The company installs pool patio enclosures, patio enclosures, greenhouses, solariums, indoor waterpark enclosures, conservatories, Natatoriums, sunrooms, and more.  Not only are their pool patio enclosure installations made with non corrosive materials, but also they have a thermally broken design so that heat loss and condensation is reduced.  In addition, their installation have internal connections so that the finished enclosure is visually appealing; they are insulated and they have tempered sliding glass windows and doors, and you can even have motorized retractable roof panels installed if you desire.  To view the company’s gallery and to find out more details visit:

Pool & Spa Enclosures®

Pool & Spa Enclosures® is a company that specializes in pool patio enclosures, custom pool enclosures, standard pool enclosures, spa enclosures, hot tub enclosures, and more.  The company offers a 24 page catalog illustrating some of the designs that they offer.  The enclosures are made of polycarbonate materials so that you get maximum UV Ray protection, and the enclosures lock so that you can block access to your pool or patio if you desire.  The enclosures come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.  In order to benefit from the enclosures that the company offers you will need to have a flat surface where the enclosure can be installed.  The surface can be made of wood, composite decking, or pavers set in concrete and the surface much be at least 3.5 inches thick.  For full details visit:

More Sites Selling Pool Patio Enclosure Offerings

Patio Kits

Patio Kits sells do it yourself patio enclosure kits.  The company has been in the business of selling kits and creating customized do it yourself patio enclosure kits since 2003.  They offer competitive pricing on their kits, and free shipping of nay do it yourself patio enclosure kit that you buy.  You can get a kit that can be used to install a patio enclosure with walls that are well insulated and as much as 2 to 6 inches thick.  The do it yourself patio enclosure kits are custom built for your specific needs.  The kits include insulated roof ceiling panels.  There are also do it yourself patio enclosure kits with electrical fan beam options, indoor ceiling fans, and track lighting systems.  What’s more, they offer kits with skylights too.  For full details visit: offers do it yourself patio enclosures from the Intelligent Remodeling Group.  The company sells kits that are ideal for any climate; they have custom finishes, and they are made with top quality woods interiors.  Wood interiors include cherry wood, Douglas fir, mahogany, redwood, southern yellow pine, Spanish cedar, and western red cedar.  You can request a free price quote from the company too.  The company not only sells do it yourself pool enclosures, but they also specialize in the sale of carport kits, awning kits, pergola kits, cover kits, enclosure kits for patios, spa kits, and sunroom kits.  You can also find kits for sunrooms, conservatories, solariums, greenhouses, garden rooms, and add on rooms.  This company offers residential and commercial products.  You can visit the site for more information at: